Friday, January 12, 2018


So “fodder” has one meaning that is “a person or thing regarded only as material for a specific use”.  In this case, my travels and in particular, the things I observe while traveling, provides fodder for my blog.

My blog is quite outdated – it’s not that I haven’t written any blog posts.  As a matter of fact, I wrote one to get back into the groove a long time via my phone and the Blogger app.  Even has photos but for some reason, it has never successfully finished publishing.

Then I started a long rant post on my Surface while I was flying on a Southwest plane.  However, that post is incomplete but the Surface has been kidnapped by a teenager so remains unfinished.

So what kind of fodder did I come across this time?  A strange modern family ritual.  I recall being filled with trepidation at the thought of flying cross-country with youngsters in tow.  I had three kids that were 1, 2 and 3 years apart (oldest 3 years older than youngest, 2 years older than sibling 2, siblings 2 and 3 were only 1 year apart).  Don’t get me wrong, mine were good travelers but you just dread that you may have to correct chair kicking (yep), stop your kids from bothering people (yep), what they will say to strangers (nothing stands out), whining (not usually), crying (now and then), unexpected things happening to upset the apple cart, urgent needs for bathroom, etc.  Apparently families today don’t suffer from those fears.  I saw multiple families that were traveling with a toddler, an infant AND the lap dog in tow.  Really – now I’m all about animal rescue – anyone who knows me will tell you about my love for animals.  But taking them along on the plane with the whole rest of the family? Two strollers – one for the kid, one for the mutt.  I guess because I would never have just one animal that never entered my thought process.  But while having 2 youngsters along as well – it wouldn’t be happening.  That’s why they have places to board animals or sitters for pets. 

The crowded flight from Dallas to San Diego with every seat taken had at least 3 dogs going.  I have no issue with the dogs going either – only one was a senior lady’s companion, the other 2 were with families. 

On my subsquent flight from San Diego to Las Vegas, there were at least 2 dogs along.  One was with a young couple who sat in front of me and the dog was out at the airport and in their lap the whole flight.  So not even sure why they bothered with having a carrier – I guess that was in case someone told them they had to follow the rules and put the mutt away.  Now this was no show dog.  It was a poodle shih tzu mix.  Kind of looked a bit like Hoganess.  I overheard them say that they had two more shih tzus at home.  So why does one get to travel – and the others stayed home?  I don’t know.  I just know I had a bad enough experience having to change poopy diaper on plane much less worrying about a dog that may have to take care of their business.

However, I was amused at the article in Southwest magazine about the cost and planning to take into consideration when taking pet along, the size consideration and the need for carrier and to keep the pet in the carrier.  That last part didn’t happen – and I don’t have an issue with it  - just wondered what about people who have allergies or are afraid of dogs.  None of the flight attendants told them to put away their pets but then I believe in following rules.  The same people who break those rules are the ones who don’t put their phones in airplane mode when instructed and do what they want when they want.  Just because you’re an independent thinker doesn’t mean you can infringe on other’s rights though.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Post from May

Keeping up with a blog is hard work. This will be my first attempt via mobile app. Not really sure how the app controls content.

Haven't gotten my craft area set up. I'm procrastinating about getting a wall painted that is holding up bringing in more supplies. I was too impatient to wait for that so drug my stuff to living room to play.   This is my newest die with sparkly paper from Dollar Tree.


Why won't blogger work from my phone

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moving Day Is Approaching & Testimony to God’s Faithfulness

We’ve spent a good portion of the last 2 years trying to find a suitable house to buy.  The first one we almost hitched our star to ended up having a leaky roof, a really leakyroof – patched several times type of deal – which we found out 2 months after we almost plunked down a bunch of money on lease/purchase to buy it.  Found it also had broken sewer pipes and a layout that ultimately didn’t work for us.  It was a great neighborhood and awesome backyard – except for the flies (from the broken pipe).  Found a way to control the indoor flies by the huge tub - 

Really cut down the fly population – only bad thing was that I found it about a month before our lease expired .  The landlord decided to up the rent by $75 after the 1-year lease expired – even though they hadn’t fixed the roof the whole time we were there.  That meant all our stuff was stored in the backyard shed or stayed in plastic containers in case we got snow or rain which would leak in the office, garage, kitchen, living room,. front room, fireplace, bookshelf, etc.

We prayed for patience, for guidance towards the right place for God to put obstacles in the way for any property that we weren’t meant to have and to clear that path for where He wanted us.  We looked at mobilehomes in very rural areas with 40 acres of land and only snakes and cows for company.  We checked out old (1935 and 1958) farmhouses with 10 acres of land that consisted of 1/3 dead trees, broken down fencing and non-working and collapsing outbuildings.  We checked out houses that turned out to have dried up wells.  We looked at rundown mobilehomes with a few acres that had chicken coops and greenhouses with them.  We looked at metal sheds converted to houses with 16 acres of brush-filled land surrounded by more acres of fenced-in scrub.  We considered a previously rented mobilehome on 5 acres that was dirt cheap as Seller wanted to break even as he was away in military and couldn’t manage the place any longer. 

We were keeping list of houses on,,,, and a Keller Williams phone app.  We made a list of all the “must haves” but started to think we would have to settle for almost everything, or everything but in the wrong school area, or a property with a decent price but more land or housing than we currently needed.  We started the application process in July and found out that they wouldn’t count 1/3 of husband’s income (his bonus) until he had 2 years on the job.  So then we were counting the months and then days until the 2-year mark arrived.  Until then we worked on paying off stuff to improve our credit scores.  We began narrowing down our selection and we were still getting almost everything we wanted. 

Then we found an adorable place, right area, everything we wanted but our financing wasn’t ready and it sold in a week.  Our spirits were crushed and we were back to “well there’s this one or this one”.  We found a lovely home with almost the acreage we wanted, in the right town and school area and thought we’d make an offer.  It was located on a quiet country road that dead-ended, out of city limits.  Even took our visiting son to drive by to see it in September, sure that it would be ours soon.  Scheduled a viewing and loved the place.  Then found out the fireplace was capped and didn’t actually work and that even though it had 1800 square feet, an add-on breakfast nook,, workshop and detached garage, it was actually a manufactured home/mobilehome in good shape .  The payments would be great but the credit scores had to be even higher than brick and mortar home, higher than we could get them in order to buy this cute little place.   Found out age was  20 years old and almost past what the lenders would loan against – so basically impossible to get a loan.  We were basically back to square one.  The metal home was marked ‘pending”, the 5-acre rundown mobilehome was still available but mobilehomes were off the lender’s table and there were more expensive places, with more land than we could handle, that were $75,000 more than we budgeted.  The mortgage payment was do-able but the down payment would be more than we had.  While lenders often loan for mortgages at 5.5x salary, we were hoping to keep it under 2xsalary. 

We saw a listing for a place near that 5-acre rundown mobilehome that happaned to have the size land we wanted, the size house we needed so I could work at home from my own space, the basement to hide from storms if needed, the fireplace, the barn and animal shelter, space for fostering rescues, space for a wood workshop, room for garden, room for a pool and a trampoline, wood floors, nice kitchen and it was just a smidge over our price range (but under the amount for which we had loan approval). We drove by and the whole family voted that it was okay and maybe we’d ask for a showing.  We did schedule a showing and every agreed that the house was okay.  We hemmed, hawed and debated about it for 2 days.  But we made an offer and held our breath and it was countered but acceptable and we kept pinching ourselves all the way until escrow closed.  Shortly after we made the offer, I took in 12 rescues in the same week – a mama and 3 pups that need a temporary place while waiting for transportation to Colorado and another mama and 7 pups who were too beatiful to be euthanized.   We really needed to be in the new place!

The Seller stayed there an extra 10 days and then we began taking our things over after Christmas – slept there for New Year’s and moved even more over.  Seller still has things in the barn and storage shed.  Our freezer is defrosted. Rachel’s bed is moved, the loveseat is moved, one set of table and chairs is there and the lawn chairs and canopy are there.  The 16 boxes of crafts from under the bed and all the coats and crafts in the front closet are there. The sondude flies here this week to help move the big stuff so that it’s not all on Rachel and Carl (my asthma keeps me out of the pic for big items – I pack and direct, unpack and sort.)  The storage sheds are almost emptied and scheduled to be removed this week.  TV is moved, internet and phone were not available at the company providing 200 mbps speed but a company that is a co-op for rural places that will have phone and 25 mbps speed (same speed as office is using so I’ve been spoiled).  We are still amazed at God’s faithfulness – he said to test him and try him to prove it and we did.  We were willing to take less than we wanted and he said no, let me show you what I can do

God put us in a place that was newer than what we thought we could get, under what the loan company said we could afford and not only that, it had everything on our “must have” list that we’d given up getting.  (These are the listing photos, we were offered the donkey and horse but they moved down the street as we aren’t prepared for livestock yet).


Front of house and back view


Shots of the back pastures (split in half by fencing in middle)


Barn, chicken coop, storage shed and backyard (not our trampolines)



Sara’s bedroom, shared bathroom and what will become office/craftroom


Rachel’s bedroom with her own bathroom


Master bedroom and bathroom


Laundryroom off garage and kitchen – basement


Living room with door leading to basement





Dining room and entryway

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lagging on Posts


Sure, I’ve gotten behind iin updating my blog.  Life happens and we all seem to be playing catch up.  I’ve still had a little bit of play time but have also taken in a few rescue dogs with their puppies.  At one point, we had our 3 dogs plus 12 add-ons!  One mama and her 3 pups were transported to a rescue group in Colorado so we only have 8 extras now.

20161001_18240120161001_182125Got this gesso which was significantly discounted but then when I opened it, it was already about 2” down from the top of the bucket.  That’s okay, I think what is left in there will last me a long time as I’m not gesso-crazy like some art journal/mixed media crafters.  I did pages without and then with to see the reaction of the color mediums I work with.

These were the pages without the gesso:


Then a few shots adding gesso to some blanks – and over colors already there:


I just continued to play and have fun.  To me making a mess and enjoying the process is what I like about crafting – losing myself for hours in pure fun:


I believe where the colors are similar above, the first image was without gesso and the second image (where the water beads up a bit more) is with the gesso.  I like both so I can’t say whether I’ll become a gesso maniac or not.

Now onto some cards I made:



I think that’s it for this update.  You may have seen that butterfly in another shot when it was created – but now it’s become a card front.  For a HUGE card, that is.  I had to go buy some A7s and then cut the image down to fit onto it.  The paper on the rooster card was in that same blog post – but I added the rooster stamps and sent it to my boss for his birthday (they have a mini-menagerie including about 8 chickens).